Bulimba State School International Collaboration with San Filippo IPS


​In 2015, Michael Zeuschner and Larissa Vecchio (Italian Teacher at Bulimba State School, BSS) visited Citta Di Castello to create an international partnership with the San Filippo International Public School.

In July 2016, BSS hosted 3 staff from San Filippo International Public School to commence this international collaboration. San Filippo is an international public school (IPS), which has a strong focus on technology, global citizenship, sustainability and research informed practice. The participating teachers shared classroom practice and discussed ways of linking students, teachers and schools across the world. The teachers from San Filippo IPS were engaged in cultural immersion, classroom visits, Italian lessons, sports day and our school’s 150th celebrations.

Bulimba SS was successful in the “2016/17 Improvement Grant for Global Schools through languages” which focused on the interschool collaboration of teachers at a classroom level to improve cultural and language learning.

In September 2016, Cindy Ferguson, Christine Jasper & Kasey O’Neill were recipients of the ‘Bulimba Global Schools Scholarship’ and visited San Filippo IPS in Citta Di Castello, Italy. They spent time in Citta Di Castello under the guidance of the school’s Principal, Massimo Belardinelli and engaged in cultural and language immersion and continued to develop relationships with the San Filippo staff and their school community. School visits included sharing our pedagogy, curriculum, technology practices and participating in English teaching through story telling and music.

This collaboration forms an important component in our ongoing discussions with the Italian Consulate and DETi (Department of Education and Training International). This partnership is designed with the purpose of developing peer-to-peer relationships that will enhance collaboration and understanding of language learning.

The purpose of this agreement is to:

1.Strengthen the friendship, collaboration and cooperation between the two schools.

2.Promote mutual understanding of our cultures and enhance our language learning.

3.Connect students, staff and community at a global level through languages and cultural experiences.

4.Develop staff, student and community exchange programs to enhance the delivery of quality learning programs in our schools.

5.Support the teaching of English language in Italy and the Italian Language in Australia.

6.Create engaging curriculum that is based in real life experiences that develop active and informed citizens of the world.

7.Share and collaborate research for the construction of a transnational curriculum centred on peace values and cosmopolitan/global citizenship.

This global connection will increase the opportunities for our students to connect to the wider world. Since our return the teachers have been working on resources that will be used in our school that form links between Citta Di Castello and Bulimba. Michael has been working with Massimo to finalise our Sister school memorandum of understanding.

Last reviewed 16 December 2019
Last updated 16 December 2019